Phoenix based artist, Shannon Hastings, has been enhancing her art skills by taking on plein air painting. She started her career as a wildlife photographer, where she spent two decades capturing the passing beauty of the natural world. In a fusion of her talents, Shannon has masterfully blended her painting skills with her extensive photography experience, culminating in a harmonious union of her dual passions.

In the winter, Shannon immerses herself in the great outdoors, engaging in plein air painting and wildlife photography. She embraces the crisp air and the vibrant hues of nature, channeling her experiences onto the canvas with skillful strokes and a keen eye. Shannon then retreats to the sanctuary of her studio during the searing heat of the summer months. Here, in her creative haven, she dedicates her time to crafting larger oil paintings, each a testament to her skillful blending of light, color, and texture, honed over years of passionate pursuit in the arts.

Member Status
Scottsdale Artists League, 2024
Arizona Plein Air Painters, 2024

Casa Grande Plein Air Competition 2024
Glendale Plein Air Competition 2024
APAP Salon 2024
Cityscape & Landscape Exhibition 2023
Casa Grande Plein Air Competition 2023
Glendale Plein Air Competition 2023
APAP Salon 2023

Heritage Award, Glendale Plein Air Competition 2024
Second Place, Glendale Plein Air Competition 2024

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